Mentor Training Workshop (18-2)

Event Date : 18/10/2018
Event Time : 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Materials : -


  • Quick reminder of the different roles and responsibilities of a mentor.
  • Able to differentiate between coaching, mentoring and counseling.
  • Understand the Ethics of Mentoring


Assessment is an integral component of a curriculum.  It is the process of making a judgment on whether the learning outcomes are achieved through a systematic collection, review and use of information.  The topics covered in this 1-day workshop include identifying the appropriate assessment tools, developing the assessment blueprint, standard setting and assessment psychometrics.


Dr. Sushela Devi, Acting Head of Division, Psychology (& Behavioural Sciences),
Dr. Gan Sook Yee, Head of Dept, Life Sciences, Dr. Sushela Devi , Dr. Nicole Chen, Dr. Sagineedu Sreenivasa Rao, Carina Lai, Assoc Prof Dr Chen Yu Sui, Ho Shean Huey

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