Reliability and Validity of Measurement in Assessment and Research in Medical Education

Event Date : 15/07/2019
Event Time : 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Research in medical education revolves around deciding on a test objective, designing, developing and evaluating of a test. The evaluation phase is very crucial before and after the administration of a test. Evaluation to analyse assessment performed on targeted group of students, can help refine the test to benefit the subsequent batches of students. The aim of the Psychometrics of measurement is to conduct the reliability and validity measures in order to improve the quality of assessment and research in medical education. This may include preparation of table of specification of a specified designed test. Participants will be exposed to these concepts of measurement evaluation in this workshop.


Validity and reliability are two quality indicators for written and clinical tests. A one-day hands-on course will be offered to academic faculty to look into practical measures so as to enhance the knowledge of reliability and validity of their assessment scores in examination.


  • To perform important reliability tests to analyze data of their respective assessment design
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the concept of validity in assessment
  • Explain standard error of measurement and its application in reliability estimate in future assessment practice
  • Produce reliability and validity evidences of assessment in health professions education practice with extended and restricted response questions


  • Prof Shahid Hassan
    MHPE, Maastricht,
    School of Medicine / IMU Centre for Education,
    International Medical University
  • Dr Shamala Ramasamy
    PhD, Department of Psychology,
    School of Medicine,
    International Medical University

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