Preparatory Course for a Career in Surgery

Event Date : 03/11/2018 - 04/11/2018
Event Time : 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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The course is designed to inform medical graduates about what is required to pass the examination that will enable them to begin a career in surgery. They will not only be told but shown the skills they require. More than that they will know what is required by experiencing situations they are expected to manage.

Course Structure

The course consists of lectures, clinical examination sessions, OSCE stations and small group discussions with feedback.

Course Content

Topics include communication skills in the practice of surgery, procedural skills, clinical examination and clinical sciences.

  • Communication skills include giving and receiving information, advanced directive in terminal cancer, consent taking for surgery and communication with a consultant.
  • Procedural skills involve wound management, use of drains and clinical examination.
  • Clinical sciences will review the surgical anatomy of the neck and thyroid, upper GI tract, colon, aorta, the limbs and spine. Pathology, trauma physiology and critical care will also be covered.


To prepare surgical trainees and those awaiting houseman posting for a career in surgery

Course Faculty

  • Prof Dato’ Dr Kandasami Palayan
  • Prof Lum Siew Kheong
  • A/Prof Yushak Abdul Wahab
  • A/Prof Lim Kean Ghee
  • A/Prof Davaraj Balasingh
  • A/Prof Ramji Narayanan
  • A/Prof Puneet Agarwal
  • A/Prof Abdul Kareem Bhurhanudeen
  • A/Prof M. Arshad Ikram
  • A/Prof Thiruselvi Subramaniam
  • Dr Ismail Burud
  • Dr Sherreen Elhariri
  • Dr Jamie Kang Kuang Horng
  • Dr Gandhi Nathan Solayar
  • Dr Rafiq Ahmed
  • Dr Nabeel Ibraheem
  • Dr Tan Ann Jee
  • Dr Ajit Kumer Majumder


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Regular RM1,400
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