Intervarsity Battle Of Skills

Event Date : 23/07/2022
Event Time : 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Materials : Download PDF

This is going to be an annual competition planned for final year medical students across Malaysia. The winning team takes home a rotating trophy and a new team comes back the next year to defend it. Students will participate in groups of 4.

There will be several levels of assessment from the basics to the most complex clinical components. The activities will test students’ knowledge, clinical skills and aptitude.

There will be 6 levels to clear, and elimination will start from the third level. Each university will be represented by ONE team.

Only the first 20 teams that register first will participate this time around hence hurry up and register for this interesting and challenging event!


  • Foster motivation and teamwork
  • Enhance clinical skills and management
  • Promote fellowship and sharing across medical schools in Malaysia
  • Promote healthy competitiveness and learning among students


  • This competition is for final year students
  • 1 team per university
  • The team consists of 4 final year students
  • Content of competition will be anything from year 1 to year 5 at varying levels
  • Elimination starts after level 2
  • RM600/team for registration
  • We will stop registration at 20 teams
  • Maximum levels will be 5 or 6 depending
  • Format can be OSCE, games, OBA, EMQ, simulation (high & low fidelity)
  • Some levels may need 1 member, and some may need all members to work as a team and this depends on the level and complexity


  • First place – RM1,000
  • Second place – RM800
  • Third place – RM600

All participants will be given a certificate of attendance


Fee is per team (4 pax per team)
Online Viewer
Fee is per pax (Watch competition LIVE via zoom)

The online registration for this course has been closed. Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] if you wish to register or watch Intervarsity Battle Of Skills competition LIVE via zoom.

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