Interactive Essentials in Emergency Response with Basic Life Support Certification

Event Date : 20/07/2019 - 21/07/2019
Event Time : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Simulation refers to the imitation of real-world activities and learners experience the reality of the scenario and gather meaning from it. Experiential learning has been used as powerful learning method to promote deep engagement as compared other activities as they experience the activity first hand, rather than hearing or seeing about it.

One of the challenges being a healthcare professional is the unpredictability of medical and trauma emergency situations, often with limited support and limited resources. These life threatening situations can be frightening when the healthcare professionals are not expose to clinical skills, Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as first responder courses.

We have created a range of clinical scenarios based on real life general practice experiences through simulation which provide a non-threatening way of developing and refining emergency management skills. This course is two-day duration of hands on using highly realistic task trainers and human patient simulators. Day One will focus on hands on clinical emergency scenarios. Participants will be certified or have their certification renew in BLS in day Two. It will be led by our Emergency Physician, Dr Rosdara Masayuni who has vast experience and passionate in teaching First responder and BLS.


  • Introduce the concept of First Responder approach towards a patient in an emergency situation
  • Provide hands-on opportunities to participants in safe environment. Participants will be able to practice hands on in smaller group with interactive activities with other participants, guided by facilitators, in a simulated and safe environment
  • To build confidence and competency in managing life threatening situations
  • To get certification or re-certification of BLS

Registration Fee

Regular RM980
IMU Alumni / IMU Staff RM686


  • Dr Rosdara Masayuni Binti Mohd Sani
    Emergency Physician, Lecturer, International Medical University
  • Malini Krishna
    Nurse, Lecturer, International Medical University
  • Adrian Pereira
    Medical Assistant, Tutor, International Medical University
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