From Ancient Practice to Modern Utilisation – Treating Menopause Using Golden Chamber Prescriptions (Mandarin)

Event Date : 07/05/2016
Event Time : 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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In this workshop, Professor Qu will:

  • Give a comprehensive overview of menopausal syndrome by way of Chinese Medicine.
  • Share her abundant clinical experience in the use of classical Golden Chamber prescriptions in treating menopause syndrome.


  • To impart and share Professor Qu’s clinical experience in applying formulae from the Golden Chamber classic.
  • To enhance and promote the school of thought and formulae of Golden chamber classic in the menopausal syndrome and mental disorder.
  • To create a platform for local and international Chinese physician to exchange their experiences and knowledge.


  • Chinese physicians
  • Chinese Medicine students

Keynote Speaker

Professor Qu LiFang Professor Qu LiFang is a well-known professor and an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been teaching classical literature of Chinese Medicine especially the Golden Chamber since 1983.

With more than 30 years of experience in her expertise, she has been invited as an English speaking visiting scholar to places such as Thailand, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and Malta.

As an outstanding Chinese Medicine practitioner who can speak fluent English, Professor Qu has also been involved in translating Chinese Medicine classical literature. She has published many research articles on the usage of Chinese Medicine in contemporary context and is the chief editor for the Anecdotes of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Professor Qu specialises in internal medicine, gynaecology, acupuncture and mental health. As the Head for the Golden Chamber subject at Shanghai, she will be visiting International Medical University(IMU) for a month to conduct a Continual Professional Development(CPD) programme for local Chinese physician.

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