Encouraging Higher Order-thinking in Science-based Undergraduate Programmes

Event Date : 02/05/2019 - 09/05/2019
Event Time : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Face-to-Face Session 1: 2 May 2019 (Thursday)

Face-to-Face Session 2: 9 May 2019 (Thursday)

With the rapid advancement and expansion of knowledge in science and technology, producing graduates with mastery in theory is fast becoming out-dated. In this context, higher education sector in biomedical science and biotechnology/science is increasingly responding to the industrial demand and the societal expectation of ‘what graduates can do’ rather than ‘what they know’. Future graduates in biomedical science and biotechnology/science should be empowered with analytical and decision-making skills in order to
enhance their performance and employability.

Defining learning outcomes, selecting teaching / learning strategies and adopting appropriate assessment methods targeting higher order thinking is essential in developing analytical and decision making skills among undergraduates.

This workshop focuses on formulating questions to assess higher-order thinking.


    • To demonstrate an understanding of ‘higher-order thinking’ in the context of science-based higher education.
    • To develop intended learning outcomes to stimulate higher order-thinking.
    • To design teaching learning activities to encourage higher-order thinking.
    • To develop selected-response questions to assess higher-order thinking.

Registration Fee

Regular RM800


  • Prof Vishna Devi Nadarajah
  • Prof Er Hui Meng
  • Prof Madawa Chandratilake
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