Diagnostic Lecture Series: Next Generation Sequencing and Analysis

Event Date : 05/11/2024
Event Time : 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Materials : Download PDF

Delve into the revolutionary technology that is reshaping the landscape of genomics and accelerating discoveries – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). From personalised medicine and cancer genomics to microbial ecology and evolutionary biology, discover the diverse applications of NGS driving breakthroughs in various scientific domains.

This CPD shall introduce new insights and cutting-edge expertise through an exploration of whole genome sequencing and its applications, emerging sequencing technologies, and NGS data analysis and reporting. Expert speakers from the industry will enrich our understanding of the complex science and provide valuable information to improve practice and inspire further learning. The event also intends to benefit participants from various levels of proficiency, from undergraduate students to veteran scientists.

As part of the continuum of an annual lecture series, we strive to cover essential, up-to-date topics in medical laboratory science.


  • To support lifelong learning and career development in diagnostic laboratory sciences.
  • To enhance knowledge and skills in the field of molecular diagnosis among the participants.


Azlah Kamilah

Azlah Kamilah
Senior Scientist,
Premier Integrated Labs, Kuala Lumpur

Dr Roziana Ariffin

Dr Roziana Ariffin
Genetic Pathologist,
Premier Integrated Labs, Kuala Lumpur

Dr Rose Ismet

Dr Rose Ismet
Chief Commercial Officer,
Neoscience Sdn Bhd

Aeris Chow

Aeris Chow
Support Manager, Genomics &
Bioinformatics, Science Vision Sdn Bhd


Early Bird ((Before 5 Sept 2024)) RM80
Regular RM100
IMU Staff / Alumni / Student (Non-IMU) / PHKL Staff / PIL Staff RM70
IMU Student RM50
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