Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals: Beginner Level (1 Credit Hour)

Event Date : 29/05/2024 - 28/06/2024
Start 29 May 2024

Course Date: 29 May 2024

The micro-credential course will introduce the learners to the fundamental aspects of cosmetic science, cosmetic formulation development, evaluation, and quality parameters. The scientific knowledge required to develop cosmetics and cosmeceuticals with the desired quality, stability, and efficacy will be discussed. The key ingredients and their basic science will be discussed to formulate various cosmetic products. Additionally, this module also emphasizes the importance of legislative regulations and their requirements in governing the quality and safety of cosmeceuticals. The role of the cosmeceuticals in clinical and research settings will also be exposed to the learners.

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Mode of Delivery / Credit Hours

  • Synchronous = 10 (%)
    Asynchronous = 90 (%)
  • Credit Hour: 1

Upon completion of this micro-credential course, the learners will be able to

  1. Apply knowledge of basic components of cosmeceuticals, quality parameters, regulatory aspects in formulating cosmeceutical products.
  2. Describe the fundamentals of laboratory preparation and characterisation of cosmeceutical products.
  3. Analyse cosmeceutical current scenario and issues to provide a solution for the cosmeceutical industry.

  • Introduction to cosmetic, cosmeceuticals, and halal cosmetics
  • Cosmetic creams, coloured make-up, hair care products, nail products and regulatory requirement for cosmetic products

  • FIS students
  • Graduate from any background especially from Health Science
  • Working Pharmacist
  • Working Personnel from any field

  • Dr Hira Choudhury
    Dr Hira Choudhury is currently the Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology at International Medical University and actively engaged in teaching and research supervision. Her research focuses on nano-formulation and DMPK studies. She received several internal and external research grants including Women Scientist award from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. She has published more than 80 articles with cumulative impact factor of 300. She has been enlisted as World Top 2% Scientists for 2019 by Stanford University.
  • Dr Prasanthi Sri A/P Nagindera Rao
    Have a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus with more than 10 years of teaching experiences on formulation designs and industrial manufacturing concepts. Have experiences in conducting masterclass for Introduction to skin care products. Currently, I am contributing to teaching and learning activities of Formulation Sciences, Pharmaceutics I, Pharmaceutics II and Cosmeceuticals.


General / Public RM500
Students & Alumni RM400
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