Applied Clinical Pharmacology in Rational and Safe Prescribing (1 credit hour)

Event Date : 15/07/2024 - 22/08/2024
Start 15 July 2024

COURSE DATE: 15 July 2024

Prescribing is one of the commonest tasks expected of new doctors as well as the most challenging task for them. Preparing graduates to be “safe prescribers” for the community is one of the greatest challenges of modern undergraduate medical education. There was evidence that training on prescribing in undergraduate medicine should be improved.

This microcredential is also in alignment with the objective set by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia which is “to disseminate information on medication safety particularly on preventing prescription error”.

This will be a comprehensive taught course emphasizing principles of rational and safe prescribing. Learners who take this micro-credentialling course will obtain knowledge and skills in prescribing safety and discussion based on prescribing skills assessment (PSA) approach questions. The skills gained from this micro-credential will enable health care providers to enhance their prescription writing, prescription review, data interpretation, calculation skills, planning management, drug monitoring, management of adverse drug reactions, communication skills, and decision-making skills related to prescribing. This will also be the first course collaborating with the British Pharmacological Society and using the prescribing skills assessment approach of questions in Malaysia.

Mode of delivery / Credit Hours

  • Open and Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Synchronous: 25%
  • Asynchronous: 75%
  • Credit Hour: 1

On completion of this micro-credential, the learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to collect necessary information for writing a rational and safe prescription.
  • Choose the most appropriate drug for a given clinical condition according to WHO guide to good prescribing practices.
  • Explain the essential components of a prescription and write a correct prescription suitable for a given clinical condition.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with patients to explain the use of a written prescription.

  • Rational and safe prescribing: introduction to prescribing safety
  • How to make a rational choice of drug?
  • Essential components of prescription writing
  • How should we communicate with patients?
  • How to use the drug information sources?
  • WHO-6-steps of guide to good prescribing practices
  • Medication safety
  • Discussion on Prescribing Safety Assessment approach questions

  • Clinical Year Medical Students
  • MBBS
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Junior Medical Doctors
  • Medical Officers.

Dr Htet thumb.jpeg

  • Dr Htet Htet
    Senior Lecturer/Head of Department (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, School of Medicine, IMU)
    Dr Htet has more than 18 years of teaching clinical pharmacology in medical programs and has a keen interest in safe prescribing component. She is a medical graduate with a Master of Medical Science in pharmacology. She holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education and currently pursuing her PhD. Her enthusiasm drives her to be an academic ambassador of the British Pharmacological Society who can work closely with international colleagues and gets inspirations for this Prescribing Safety Assessment-based microcredential course.

Dr Heethal thumb

  • Dr Heethal Jaiprakash
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, IMU)
    Dr Heethal graduated with the MBBS degree from the Manipal Academy of Higher education, India and also has a master’s degree in Pharmacology from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India and a Master’s in Medical Education from the University of Dundee, UK. She has a teaching experience of over 16 years and has more than 25 publications in various reputed journals. Her research interest includes Pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics, Ocular Pharmacology and Medical Education.

Prof Renu thumb

  • Prof Renu Agarwal
    Professor (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics) Associate Dean, Quality, Research & Publications, IMU)
    Prof Renu Agarwal is deeply involved in curriculum development and delivery for MBBS programme at International Medical University. She played an instrumental role in developing the Rational and Safe Prescribing course for undergraduate medical curriculum. She has published more than 100 high indexed papers and book chapters in the field of ocular pharmacology, drug development and pharmacovigilance. Currently, she is involved in administrative procedure for quality assurance, research and publications in School of Medicine, International Medical University.

Prof Igor thumb

  • Prof Igor Nikolayevich Iezhitsa
    Professor (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, IMU)
    Prof Igor Iezhitsa has been in the field of pharmacology more than 20 years. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has been deeply involved in academic and research activities. He received his PhD in Pharmacology from Volgograd State Medical University in 1998 and degree of the Doctor of Biological Science (Dr. Sci. Biol.) from above-mentioned University in 2008. Prof Igor has published more than 80 papers in indexed journals and has authored 5 books and chapters.


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